A Peek Into The Developments Of Professional Betting In India

Betting was always taken seriously in India by a certain segment of society and a section of the gamblers have made a lot of money. The term casino may have been a recent development in the Indian gambling industry, but the concept of guessing to win cash prizes was long prevalent and started just after independence. The earliest form of guessing was Ankur Jugar and it is only old-timers who will know about this game. It is because the game was dependent a lot on cotton prices traded at the stock exchanges. The day cotton trades were halted at the stock exchanges, the Ankur Jugar came to a grinding halt. It was replaced by the Matka Satta and to this date, Indian gamblers love to play this game.

What is the Satta Matka game?

The basic concept of guessing remained the same as Indian gamblers shifted from Ankur Jugar to the Satta Matka. However, there was one major difference because cotton prices as a medium of gambling changed. This game was more about number guessing and the Indian betting community was equally enthusiastic. It was in the year 1961 that the transformation took place and that was the first time that the Kalyan Matka game was played. The Indian betting community has loved this game a lot and one can gauge from the fact that for six decades the game has lived on. The game has flourished despite a few states in India still yet to grant it legal cover and this simply goes to show the popularity of this game.

Is it possible to participate in the Satta Matka legally?

One would desire to get a feel of the excitement but in a legal way. We would like to say that it is possible because some developments have unfolded, which offers the scope to participate in bets legally. Recently, the authorities have legalized the online Satta Matka and if you are eager to get a feel of the game in the right way, this is the option. One will need to contact a reputed website, which offers access to the Satta Matka game, and then register with it. You could check out the rules, regulations of the website so that, one does not have to face problems at any stage. You could then participate in Satta Matka games in the virtual format.

Is there scope to win cash prizes?

It is a number-guessing bet and anything may happen as you make a guess. It could always be that you make a correct guess and earn cash prizes. However, there might always be a desire to take it up as a profession and earn money more constantly. It is possible but provided you take a more serious approach. There are online websites, which offer tips to place a successful guess, and one can pick it up. You could even learn the implementation of the tips in a free Matka game. Once you have mastered it then you can make a significant investment in a Satta Matka game and walk away with lucrative cash prizes. You should be laughing all the way to the bank.