Is the Angler FastBox 24″ Softbox Higher Than the Profoto Clic?

Off the bat, the case on the Angler is a way more sturdy canvas than Profoto. However on the finish of the day, it’s a case. Who cares? 

Subsequent, the grid. I selected the version of the softbox from B&H that came with a grid. What this does is focuses and controls the sunshine a bit of bit extra. Price noting: the Profoto Clic doesn’t even have the power so as to add a grid. There’s no velcro across the edges. That’s a pleasant characteristic I used to be impressed with. 

On the Angler, you even have a bit of velcro strap that will help you put the softbox away properly. It’s a small creature consolation, however at a less expensive value than Profoto, that’s an enormous leg up. 

Now we get into the construction of it. I’ll let you know the handles are completely different. The Profoto has texture on their deal with, the Angler doesn’t. The deal with of the Angler Softbox is what you’ll count on – fundamental PVC-style plastic. They each seem like made from the identical sort of fabric, so there’s no development high quality distinction. If something, the Angler feels a bit bigger. For my arms, the Angler feels a bit higher, however that’s actually subjective.

The locking, launch and tilting mechanisms are precisely the identical on each merchandise. It’s fairly easy; twist to lock on to your mild stand, and there’s a set off to tilt the softbox backwards and forwards. 

Across the fringe of the Angler FastBox you will have velcro, to connect the grid. I hate to say it, however this can be a higher design for within the subject as a result of it permits you to have extra versatility in how you utilize the product.