Tails and Benji Lewis Join for Intimate Indie Dance Single, “is that okay?” – EDM.com

Canadian dance music virtuoso Tails has teamed up with Australian singer-songwriter Benji Lewis for a shocking single, “is that okay?”

Following up numerous spectacular singles in addition to final 12 months’s scintillating photographs of the solar EP, Tails continues to cement himself as a trailblazer to look at, constantly backed by San Holo’s bitbird imprint.

“Is that okay?” is one other flip of the web page in Tails’ expansive sonic id, combining heat synths with punchy drums and natural textures. Lewis’ vocal contributions to the intricate track are mesmerizing and lend to an attention-grabbing indie-dance stunner. Tails’ manufacturing all through the climax, alternatively, is uplifting as nostalgic atmospheres and groovy percussion take over.