What Different Types Of Shopping Village Are There?

Shopping villages are very popular places for people to visit, either on a day out or as part of a holiday. How and why you visit a shopping village can actually depend on what type of shopping market you choose to visit. In the article below, I will briefly discuss some of the different types of village which it is possible to visit. These categories are not fluid, and there is potential for overlap between some of them.

Outlet Village
An outlet shopping village is a place where lots of big brand name shops all come together to offer customers fantastic low prices. An outlet village allows customers to get great bargains from a huge range of different shops, which are all situated close to one another. It is often possible to spend hours in these villages without going over budget. 이미테이션

Independent Shopping Village
These villages are full of independent shops which often sell local, artisanal products. They are great places to go to if you are looking for gifts or items which are a little bit different to the generic produce that some big name shops sell. Although they may be a little more expensive, the products are high-quality. Independent villages or villages which include independent shops are a great way to support local retailers and to help to stimulate the economy.

Country Shopping Village
A country shopping village is the name given to a purpose built (or converted) shopping area which is built outside of the town limits. These villages often have a lot more to offer to their visitors than just shopping. They are laid back places to spend the day, and usually integrate a little bit of country life into the shopping experiences. Many of these villages are situated in period housing, and contain a community focal point, such as a traditional country pub or working farm area.

Urban Shopping Village
An urban village is usually situated on the outskirts of a big town or city. Although the public transport links to an urban village may be better, they are often not as laid back as country villages are. Because an urban village is already part of an existing town, it may be very hard for this type of village to expand, even if it needs to.

Tribal Village
This type of village is most frequently visited by people on holiday in a foreign country. Visiting a tribal shopping village gives the visitor the opportunity to see a way of life which is culturally different from their own. Buying products from a tribal village can be a great way to support the tribe and allow them to continue to live an indigenous lifestyle.